Sheet Products Printing

Sheet products are printing products printed on the sheet of paper and do not require any fastening means.

Sheet Products – is one of the most popular types of full color printing. Flyers, letterhead, brochures, diplomas, certificates, flyers – that’s what one wants for a given sheet of printed products. For flat products also include such products advertising printing as cards and invitations, labels, leaflets, posters and billboards, etc.

1.Leaflets – tools for finding customers.

Leaflets can be as one-sided and two-sided.
Paper quality depends entirely on the customer’s wishes. Most often used for printing leaflets or offset paper 80 or 65 g. / Sq. or coated paper 90-130 gr./kv.m. Samy common format leaflets – A5, A6, A4 sometimes.

Depending on circulation, printing flyers performed offset or digital printing method. Offset printing leaflets economically feasible circulation of leaflets at least 500 copies. Smaller print runs to perform better on digital technology.

Leaflets are both advertising and information.

Information leaflets are intended to report certain information about products or services of the company. In their manufacture using cheap enough paper grades, at least finishing operations.

Leaflets aim to create a certain image of the company. Design of similar leaflets received considerable attention, often leaflets produced in the company’s colors, which contributes to a better image of the company memorability.

Flyers – small leaflets on heavier paper. Often flyer has the detachable part is printed on some bonus for the owner of the flyer: discount coupon, free entry to the event, etc. Print flyers are usually smaller circulations than leaflets.

Printing leaflets, booklets, brochures.

Promotional brochures – these are the same leaflets, folded in a certain way. Since the folding operation is applied, the value above the cost of brochures leaflets.

Booklet printing, printing flyers as our printing can be made as a way of digital printing and offset printing method. The typical size of A4 booklets are 2 fold (after adding the booklets are very easy to use format 99H210 mm), 1 A4 and A3 fold in 1 rebate. Booklet format may be different, but, in practice, these formats are the most popular and convenient.
Pamphlet – responsible process, as corporate brochure.

Booklet and leaflet as a means of finding customers. The advantage of booklets in their more representative form, very informative.

As well as other promotional printing, corporate brochures are created using elements of corporate identity.

A typical material for the manufacture of coated paper booklets is 115-200 g./Sq. Booklet form is selected depending on its purpose. When making use of promotional leaflets UV coating, embossing, cutting, etc.

Banners and posters – large format sheet products. These items printing sealed, usually with one hand. A typical material for posters is coated paper 115-200 gr./Sq.m. Dimensions posters for internal use are quite large – A2 (420H600 mm) and A1 (600H900 mm)

Sheet products are fairly inexpensive and therefore one of the most popular printing market. Sheet promotional products – the basis of any advertising campaign. Brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, greeting cards help to convey to your customers the right information or form blogopriyatny image of your company. Printing booklets, leaflets, and other flperov sheet products is one of our activities. Printing of these products usually is no particular difficulty and is performed, depending on the circulation, an offset printing and digital. If necessary, give the sheet production presentable appearance, can be used a variety of methods for finishing: lamination, varnishing, embossing, cutting.

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